Pomodoro Clock

App to increase study and work productivity

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Project description

Pomodoro is a technique with purpose to improve productivity measured by a timer. Work or study time is getting split into smaller chunks with breaks taken in between. For example, you can have 4 work sessions of 25 minutes each with 5 minutes of break taken after every session.

This app is a part of Advanced projects for Free Code Camp course.

Great user experience through design and functionality was a challenge in itself. I had to think through all the details. I went for a modern look and uncluttered layout of the app. By adding the tooltips and the alert messages I help users understand the app better.


Design and development of the app.


Making the clock stop after a certain amount of sessions, them allow the user to continue the sessions or restart the clock.


Design UI/UX Inkscape Web development Responsive HTML CSS JavaScript

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