About Me

I'm a Front End Developer specialized in building websites and web apps with a big interest in pure CSS illustrations and beautiful animations.


I'm up to building fully responsive websites and web applications using plain HTML without relying on a framework.


CSS is my favourite tool in Web Development. I enjoy using it to beautify my projects and play with it creating CSS illustrations.


I'm amazed by the power of Sass. I enjoy using it to cut down on lines of code and the time of a project maintenance.


Fully responsive website with some sliders, modal windows and a custom grid are not a problem for me to build.


I've a solid knowledge of JS including ES6 and improve it daily by using it to refactor some old projects and building new ones.


I'm in love with Vue! This is by far my favourite framework, not to mention the beautifully written documentation.


Learned fundamentals of this library and used it together with Redux and Styled Components in one of the projects.


I can manipulate DOM with jQuery along with adding some animations and other functionality to a page or an app.


I know the fundamentals of this framework. I've used it in a small personal project and got to know its structure and features.


All my latest projects are supported by Git. I use it to publish, maintain my work and for teaming up with other devs.


Have been using it on some occasions to post process images and know my way around it and its tools.


I've been making video and text tutorials to share my knowledge with others. I can do a lot of cool things in GIMP!

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...how it all started

My coding journey started in summer 2015. For years I've had an active interest in the web and modern technology. Being fascinated with its continuous fast progress I set myself for a challenge to become a Web Developer.

I enjoy being a lifetime learner. I love creating something out of nothing by mixing up my knowledge, skills and imagination. The more days I see behind while learning to code, the more I fall in love with the new profession I chose to do for a living. In fact, I call it now my "full-time" addiction.

People who know me say I am a thorough person with an eye for details. I dislike sloppiness in real life and bring the same rules to coding.

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...a few words about

I enjoy the process of building the web products from scratch. Solving problems and finding the best solutions is a creative process which often pushes us leaving our comfort zone and this is when we are growing, aren't we?

I chose Front End Development because it allows me to work closely with design. Having background in photography and digital illustrations I am pulled towards visual aspect of web development. It's amazing to be able to take a design and turn it into a functional product for people to use and enjoy.

All my projects are fully responsive. Turning my work into a good user experience on mobile devices is my priority and I take a great care of it.

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...life beyond coding

I'm a wife and a mum. When not coding I enjoy playing piano, walking the streets with my camera, having fun with my daughter, reading books and drink tea. Thrillers and books on self development are my number one choices.

Since 2010 I've been doing stock photography and have been selling images all over the world. Apart from taking photos I get a kick out of image post processing. I have a channel on YouTube dedicated to GIMP users who want to learn tips and tricks on editing photos and making illustrations.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about coding, just drop me a line or two. I'm keen on meeting new like-minded people.